Our Secret Sauce



Why are we so good at what we do?

Our team was on a mission to uncover the secrets of highly effective ad campaigns. We wanted to know why some ad campaigns kill it and others are duds?

We analyzed thousands of ad campaigns for a variety of products and discovered the perfect launch. Our matrix measured frequency, length, tone, times and differing calls to action (messaging)

Every new campaign our team creates is tested and weighed against our matrix to ensure maximum optimization.

Our team does 4 critical things for you.
1. We identify the most profitable stations
2. We negotiate the most cost-effective ad buys
3. We create the ad copy and call to action hooks

The fourth thing we do for all of our clients is help them mastermind with each other. Join an exclusive group of top producers and share what’s working, share referrals in an environment free from competition.

What are you waiting for? We will only put 1 agent per market.

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