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The membership community is an exclusive group that connects high-achieving real estate agents that listen to the show and helps them grow their businesses ten-fold.


If you don’t feel like you’re reaching your potential but, have a burning desire–this is the group for you.


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I get hundreds of email a day. People ask me for scripts, tracking sheets and business plan templates. People ask my advice on how to build their business. People ask about lead generation, building a team and how to do social media the correct way.


I have created a member area specifically for my dedicated listeners. The member area is free and as a member you will have access to all of the information I get from my guests as well as, a ton of the stuff I create.



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The 2 most common questions I get is "How do I leave my job and sell Real Estate full time" and "How do I make more money?" Even if I am not coaching you I will always try and help.


We built this member area so that I could continually add to this library so that you can find specific information on field tested scripts, buyer packets, business plan templates.


All of the stuff you have ever thought you might need you can get in one place---most of it is free but, there are a few things that we charge for---hey we got keep the lights in the studio on right?



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The Super Agent Network members will also get early access to all the products and services that we have.


Members will have access to our premium {not free} products like:


* MasterMind Community Page--this community page is where our listeners go to ask each other questions and share ideas. I also do a monthly Google Hangout with the group as well as, bringing top producing agents to answer your questions.


Our group calls and private forum will keep you motivated and address your specific skills. Many of us want to be held accountable. We want to see how other are handling the roadblocks that inevitably come up. And when we get stuck, we want to know how to push through instead of remaining stuck.


* Lead Generation Product--this is 10 hours of audio where I interview top producing agents and ask them EXACTLY how they get their leads. We cover everything from how to get 1000 web leads a month to the best method of buying leads as well as, how to put a new spin on old marketing methods like mailers.


* Real Estate Social Media--I know you're on Facebook but, are you using it the right way? We all know that social media is key to increasing brand awareness and staying top of mind with our prospects. Most agents don't have an idea of how to correctly use Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest to drive leads or find new customers.



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Benefits of joining the group


  • Connections

    Access to (usually) inaccessible people, talent, and resources

  • Scripts

    Get the scripts that top producers use to extract massive results

  • Best Practices

    Learn from top producers how to build a team and what lead generation strategies they are employing

  • Accountability

    Receive accountability tools that simplify and produce high-return results.



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If you are the best, you deserve to be connected to the best. This membership opens an exclusive door to the best entrepreneurs, the best business practices, and the best connections.


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